Our Philosophy

At A Dog´s Best Friend we believe in using a scientifically based approach to training, and all of our techniques have a solid foundation in scientific research. Just like human learning, dogs learn best when certain basic principles are followed, when learning is fun, and when they are set up to succeed.

Meet the Team



“On behalf of the staff of the Humane Society of Broward County- and more importantly, the animals- I would like to thank you for your years of dedicated service. Your care and concern are evident in the programs that you helped to implement. We will continue to use your ‘positive approach’ training methods within the shelter. The companion animals entrusted to our care, along with the citizens of Broward County (and elsewhere!) have benefited and will continue to benefit, from your unselfish sharing of knowledge. You played an important leadership role in helping us carry our our mission, and your efforts will be part of the shelter’s day-to-day operation for many years to come.”

In the Press

  • DogFancy Magazine
  • Naples Daily New
  • Palm Beach Post
  • South Florida Business Journal

Famous Dogs & Owners

  • Ricky Williams
  • Brian Yale
  • Paul Castronovo
  • Leroy Hoard