At A Dog´s Best Friend we believe in using a scientifically based approach to training, and all of our techniques have a solid foundation in scientific research.  Just like human learning, dogs learn best when certain basic principles are followed, when  learning is fun, and when they are set up to succeed.

We concentrate on teaching your dog what you want him to do as a solution to the behaviors he is doing which you do not like, instead of just waiting for him to do something wrong and correct him.  For example, if he is jumping on you, we will teach him to automatically sit for your attention.  To accomplish this and other lessons we focus on using positive reinforcement.  We teach you how to control the environment and communicate with your dog so that he understands what you want and has the greatest chance of success. Our goal is to increase the bond you have with your dog, facilitate your ability to effectively communicate with him and enhance his role in your family, and good training accomplishes that.  We want your dog to be the happy, well adjusted, loyal family companion that you hoped for when you first started to think about getting a dog!

We offer many different types of training and customize each program to suit owner and dog.  No two situations are alike so no two training programs can be identical.   We offer in-home training sessions, board and train programs, private lessons at your location, group obedience classes, puppy kindergarten and semi-private lessons.  We help you determine which program is best for you based on your needs and the issues you would like to address with your dog. Our team of skilled trainers and Certified Behaviorists can help.  Call us for more information on how we can help solve your problem.