Tim has managed a staff of trainers for over 20 years, and has become extremely effective at selecting and training very gifted animal lovers to be a part of A Dog’s Best Friend family.  Our  trainers have extensive training in  learning theory, operant and classical conditioning, design and implementation of training programs, breed specifics, dog behavior, as well as receiving training in how to train people, who of course are the most important animal in the equation! Teaching you, the human, how to communicate with your dog is one of the most important things we do. Very often  there is a fundamental disconnect between what a person thinks they are saying  to their dog and what the dog is hearing.  All of our trainers have trained dogs for a minimum of 500 hours under direct supervision of  Tim before ever going out to train on their own. Each of our trainers is supported by the entire team of  trainers and behaviorists.  We review difficult cases together weekly, so instead of hiring just one trainer, you are hiring a team of trainers with a legacy of extremely gifted and successful trainers in the community.

Many of our trainers have gone on to other wonderful endeavors, including opening their own training companies, excelling in competitions, winning awards in other animal training fields, and working with other species.  We find that experience in training other species, not just dogs, is invaluable because with other species, there is no resorting to force or violence to get what you want – you can’t just drain the tank and have everyone run in and restrain a killer whale for example.  Trainers from this background are used to having to use force free methods, and finding creative solutions to problems, without just resorting to force.  In other words, we don’t just train dogs – we can train ANYTHING!!