Christopher Agostino - Executive Director Humane Society of Broward County
“On behalf of the staff of the Humane Society of Broward County- and more importantly, the animals- I would like to thank you for your years of dedicated service. Your care and concern are evident in the programs that you helped to implement. We will continue to use your ‘positive approach’ training methods within the shelter. The companion animals entrusted to our care, along with the citizens of Broward County (and elsewhere!) have benefited and will continue to benefit, from your unselfish sharing of knowledge. You played an important leadership role in helping us carry our our mission, and your efforts will be part of the shelter’s day-to-day operation for many years to come.”
Dr. Smith and Staff Capital Plaza Animal Hospital
“It is very easy for us to recommend you and all of your trainers to our patients and their owners. Everyone has been very kind, courteous, and extremely helpful when dealking with both our hospital staff and clients. Many people seem adverse to training because of the negative reinforcement that their animals receive. With your philosophy and methods, we have found this to be totally opposite. Postive reinforcement seems to be more agreeable with our clients and their pets. All of our clients have reported back to us that they are extremely impressed with your positive methods of training and because of this they also refer you to their friends. Thank you for all of your help.”
Paul H. Jaffe - DVM Jaffe Animal Clinic
“It is with sincere pleasure that I recommend the dog obedience/counseling services of Timothy Mullally. During the duration of the program, Tim explained that obedience training is about the owner understanding why dogs do the things they do and the necessary steps to take in order to head off any problems before it is too late. As a licensed veterinarian, I see far too many dogs being given up by their owners due to behavioral problems, many of which could be resolved with the proper instruction and training….It is also the responsibility of every pet owner to have a well-behaved dog to insure safety within their community.”
Michelle Tipping
“I just wanted to thank you so much for training my dog, Jessie. I adopted Jessie from the Humane Society as a 14 week old puppy. She was as sweet as can be ut being part Border Collie, she took play biting to a whole new level. My three year old couldn’t move without Jessie attatching her teeth onto his shorts. We couldn’t even pet Jessie as she always put her mouth on our hands. It was a little nightmarish and I feared I had made a mistake adopting Jessie. Thankfully, I found A Dog’s Best Friend. I decided to do the board and train program, and it was the best decision I could have made. We missed Jessie for the three weeks she was gone but truthfully, we relished the ability to walk without getting our feet and legs bitten. I was nervous to get Jessie back as I was afraid the training wouldn’t work, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jessie was like a whole new dog. She sat for attention, my son ran in front of her and she just looked, without biting or chasing! Jessie turned into a dog I always wanted. I would recommend your program to anyone as it truly made an enormous difference in our lives. I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work that was done.”
Peggy and Rick Adelman Coral Springs
“We wanted to express our appreciation for the wonderful work done with our dogs. During the past fourteen years and with four dogs, we have engaged dog trainers three times. The sessions we had with Tim have yielded the best success. Not only have we made great progress with our pets, but Tim has stressed that it is necessary for us as dog owners to be trained as well. By training us, Tim has made it possible for us to continue the conditioning well beyond the supervised sessions. We highly reccommend your services. All dog owners should know that having control of their pets would add to their enjoyment of the relationship. We know our dogs have benefitted. Since walking together is more enjoyable, we all go out together more often. They get to have more fun and so do we. What more can one ask for? Thanks a lot!”
Connie Dill
“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend the dog training services of Tim Mullally and the rest of his crew. Owning a dog is a big responsibility and a lifetime commitment to the dog. It should also be a pleasurable experience for both the dog and the owner. In order to accomplish this for myself and Zeke, my German Shepherd, I enlisted the services of A Dog’s Best Friend. Tim is very positive and truly understands dogs. Zeke was always happy to see him. He shares his knowledge with the owner, who he also trains. Hopefully the owner will listen as well as the dog! Zeke is an absolute pleasure to have around. He is a houe dog and not kept out in the yard. People comment on how well behaved he is. Of course, I beam with pride and tell them Tim did it. This is one dog that will never lose his home, as so many do due to behavior problems. Thanks again Tim for making Zeke my best friend.”
Pamela Goldwyn
“I want to thank you for making us very happy dog owners. Your patience, postive attitude and endless enthusiasm not only came just in time, but also kept us motivated and helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you first came I was five months pregnant with a seven month old Golden Retriever puppy that weighed in at 60lbs. Andrew and I felt frustrated and exhausted having already completed two group training courses with Quincy with nominal gains. The in-home sessions were just what we needed to focus in on our dog’s specific behaviors issues. We now feel more in control and have a much better behaved and happier puppy. We give you our deepest thanks and highest reccomendation.”