Group class is a very economical way to get started on getting your dog to listen to you. In a group class forum, you and your dog attend training sessions together with other like minded individuals and their dogs, offering a distracting environment in which to practice. Many places offer group classes, but not all group classes are created equal. Here are a few things you may want to consider when looking for a group class:

  • It takes an experienced trainer to effectively teach group class, and not all trainers are good with people.  Two of many things we have been complimented on by previous students is that “we don’t yell at you” and “we don’t kick people out of class.”  Can you imagine going to a class where you the trainer is not nice to you or says your dog is so bad you can’t come back?  We can’t either.
  • Group class requires a lot of space, for many reasons.  Leash walking takes space, off leash recalls take space, and having enough space to get far enough away from the distractions to be successful, and then get closer gradually, is very important for setting you and your dog up for success.  Most group classes are taught in an isle in a store, or a small training center, and are not big enough to teach these behaviors well.


A Dog’s Best Friend was the first company to offer positive reinforcement group classes in South Florida in 1995.