Intermediate Group Obedience – Once you’ve completed our basic obedience class you are eligible to move on to our Intermediate Class.  In this class we focus on higher level obedience skills such as out-of-sight stays, moving downs, return to heel position, come from a distance, drop on recalls, etc.  We also practice Rally Obedience exercises, other competition obedience exercises, and Therapy dog exercises for those working toward those goals. Off leash training is the goal, which is necessary for some of these competitions, as well as agility. It’s also really handy in the dog park!

Classes are offered inside Tradewinds Park located in Coconut Creek, at the corner of the Florida Turnpike and Sample Road.  This wonderful facility gives us the room we need to make group classes easier and more effective by giving people plenty of space to work on training, and get closer to distractions gradually, as their dog gets better and better in obedience.  Equipped with fencing, lighting, fans, and a nice PA system, this facility makes our classes comfortable and effective year round! Classes run on Tuesday nights at 8:15 p.m.