In-Home Training

Many behavior issues are most effectively addressed in your own home. Our trainers are available Monday-Saturday to come to your home for private lessons from 12:30 pm – 7:00pm. Scheduled at your convenience, and customized for you and your dog, you can do as few or as many lessons as you want. We offer in-home training on a per lesson rate, as opposed to many of our competitors who require you to buy a program or a block of lessons at a time.

Boarding Training

Puppies in our boarding training program also attend puppy kindergarten to socialize with other puppies their age. We specialize in housebreaking puppies and have been doing it for more than 20 years. Upon completion of the program we bring your pup home to you and conduct a lesson to begin the process of teaching you how to work with your pup and to get him working for you. This is followed up with two additional lessons to provide your family with continued support to teach you how to get the most out of your dog and his training.

Group Training

A Dog’s Best Friend offers group classes at Esplanade Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Puppy Kindergarten

A Dog’s Best Friend started the first Puppy Kindergarten classes in South Florida. Our puppy kindergarten program is modeled after the original Purdue University program that Tim was trained to run by Purdue University. Tim is certified by Purdue University in Puppy Development and Problem Prevention and this class emphasizes problem prevention and socialization. It is truly a puppy development class. Our puppy kindergarten is open to puppies between 8-16 weeks old.

Basic Obedience Class

Our Basic Obedience Class is held on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. The first and oldest positive reinforcement-based group class in South Florida, this class covers name recognition, sit, down, stay, leash walking without pulling, heel and come. This six-week program is for dogs four months and older, and the whole family is welcome!

Beyond Basic Class

Once you’ve completed our basic obedience class you are eligible to move on to our Intermediate Class. In this class we focus advanced level obedience skills such as out of sight stays, moving down, return to heel position, come from a distance etc. We also practice competitive Rally Obedience. This is a beneficial class to truly test and improve your handling skills as well as your dog’s focus and training abilities. The whole family is welcome.

Masters Class

This is our highest level of group obedience class that we currently offer. This class focuses on mastering obedience and handling skills. This is a great opportunity for owners and dogs to also socialize, as the class often ends with having dinner together. Not only does this class completely strengthen the training you have done with your dog, it will proof you for real life situations. To join this class, an invitation and completion of our Intermediate Obedience class is required.

Behavior Problem Training

The sad reality is, dogs with behavior problems are at risk of having a poor quality of life, as well as their owners. Dog owners find behavior problems like house soiling, destructive behavior, vocalization, aggression, and general unruliness difficult to tolerate. This makes dogs more likely to be punished severely and repeatedly, hard to enjoy, confined excessively, banished to the yard or garage, or surrendered to shelters. Euthanasia is by far the leading cause of death for dogs, and by many estimates, the main reason for relinquishment to shelters is because of behavior problems.