Puppy teething doesn’t surprise most families, although just how much puppies use their teeth may. Human babies have hands, so they use hands and mouths for necessary learning and exploring as their brains develop. Canine babies must do this exploration mostly with their mouths. The real chewing comes when your dog starts teething, around 5 months.

However, dogs don’t “grow out” of chewing things as many people expect.  Furthermore, if good habits aren’t established early, dogs can grow into some really bad habits that result in having to be crated for years longer than necessary.  Most dogs, if trained properly, can be weaned out of the crate by 6-8 months.

Boredom, frustration, anxiety, hunger, fear are just a few aggravating factors to adolescent and adult destructive behavior.

The demands of the modern day urban dog are much greater than the dogs of 20-30 years ago.  Training your dog to entertain himself all day alone while loose in your house is a critical part of today’s training goals, something that many people and trainers overlook.  A Dog’s Best Friend has spent years working with these issues.  We have come up with not only the right training program, but the right toys to use to keep your pooch out of trouble while home alone.  Visit shopadogsbestfriend.com for the toys that we use in our boarding training programs, they are the ones we find to be the most effective and the most popular with our doggie guests!  Also, talk to your trainer about what is most suitable for your specific dog.