Nobody has housetrained more dogs than A Dog’s Best Friend – nobody!  For almost 20 years we have had an average of 6 housebreaking dogs in our Boarding Training programs, with a new group coming in every 3 weeks.   We have personally housetrained thousands of dogs, as well as helped people housetrain thousands more through our in home programs and Puppy Kindergarten Classes.  There is a lot to know about house training that is not in the books, and teaching your dog to ask to go outside to eliminate is a lot harder than people realize, especially if you have already gotten of to a bad start and let your dog get in the habit of eliminating in the house.  House training is made simple through our simple, laid out programs, written food and water schedules customized for you and your puppy, and years of experience in teaching dogs to ask to go out.  Watch our videos on YouTube of dogs ringing a bell to ask to go out!


With today’s high-rises and designer pooches, we get more requests than ever for paper training.  We have broken it down to a science, and have developed great ways to train you puppy to find the pads from the other  side of the house!  Getting them to seek out the pads is important!  We once paper trained a Yorkshire Terrier for Shaquille O’Neill, and trust me, one wee -wee pad in a 10,000 square foot home is a tall order for a Yorkie!