A Dog’s Best Friend started the first Puppy Kindergarten classes in South Florida in 1998, and has been running ever since. Hosted by area animal hospitals, our Puppy Kindergarten program is modeled after the original Purdue University program that Tim was trained to run by Purdue University.  Tim is certified by Purdue University in Puppy Development and Problem Prevention and this class emphasizes problem prevention and socialization.  It is truly a puppy development class.  Several of our competitors have tried to replicate our program, but without the necessary training to run them properly, have not had the high success rate that we experience.  Our Puppy Kindergarten is open to healthy puppies between 8-16 weeks old.  Health verifications are required for all puppies, so you have of peace of mind knowing all the puppies have been checked by their veterinarians and are current on vaccines, etc. We cover all of the most important issues to puppy owners including housebreaking, mouthing, play biting, jumping, chewing, getting ready for vet and groomer visits, leash walking and puppy obedience. We also have puppy socialization and play time at every class. Puppy class is a lot of fun for owners and puppies! All family members are welcome.  Classes are currently offered in Coral Springs, Weston and Fort Lauderdale.

Dr. Alan Beck Director of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
More dogs die because of behavior problems than all other medical problems combined.
Dr. Andrew Leuscher Phd, DVM Director of Animal Behavior Clinic Purdue University
Taking your puppy to a puppy class is the single best thing an owner can do for their puppy in their lifetime.
Donna Schwartz, DVM
Puppy class is extremely important for growth and development of your puppy’s ability to learn how to become a well-rounded and well-behaved dog. This is essential for a long-term relationship of happiness between you and your dog.


Puppy Kindergarten is a six-week program with a rolling enrollment, meaning you don’t have to wait for the next class to start, you can jump in any week.  That way, you aren’t waiting for the next class to start while your puppy is missing invaluable socialization.  Because the socialization period for puppies ends at 12 weeks of age, it is vital that socialization be started early, and continued throughout your puppy’s development.  Class covers socialization to other dogs, people, rolling objects, noisy objects, grooming tools and handling.  It also teaches how to prevent and address problems like housebreaking, chewing, jumping on people, play biting, and other common dog problems. Click here for a list of the many benefits associated with enrolling your puppy, and here for a brief study presented by the Veterinary Medicine Roundtable. Enroll today in the best Puppy Kindergarten program in South Florida!

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