I hear people say all the time, ” I don’t need my dog to be a show dog, I just need basic obedience.”    In reality though, obedience training for real life is HARDER than show training.  Look at the comparisons.

Show Dog – Title CD

  • 1 minute sit stay, owner faces dog, no distractions
  • 3 minute down stay, owner faces dog, no distractions
  • Heel in show ring and do figure 8s, no distractions, 2 to 3 minutes
  • Come when called from 15 feet from a sit stay, in a ring, no distractions
  • Stand for examination while a Judge, using the fingers and palm of one hand, touches the dog’s head, body and hindquarters.

What dog owners routinely ask their dogs for, even before any training

  • Sit stay at front door with pizza guy, or in public around heavy distractions, or in the house while they move about from room to room, several minutes
  • Down stay during dinner, which lasts at least 30 minutes, heavy food distractions, people moving – at restaurants, in public, vet’s office, etc.
  • Heel in public, past other dogs, birds, kids, food, you name it, for long periods.
  • Come when called away from heavy distractions, while running the other way, in the dog park, neighborhood, woods, etc.
  • Stand while being bathed, dried, brushed, examined by veterinarian, groomed, etc.

So what do you think?  What’s easier?  Training for show, or training for real life?

We recognize that most people want training for real life, and that kind of training is different than for show.  It should be done differently also, and the vast majority of classes offered in America are formatted after show training, which will actually confuse your dog and create more work for you.  For example, the vast majority of trainers today teach down from sit, and come from stay.  Teaching one behavior after another is called chaining, which will result in your dog expecting those things to come next, which dog owners never want, but show people do.  This is one of many examples of how we can save you lots of time and energy by showing you how to train your dog to do what you want, in the way you are going to use the commands to begin with.  Take a look at our YouTube videos, and we challenge you to find any of our competitors that have similar videos.  What make ours unique is not only the level of obedience we achieve, it’s also the speed in which we achieve it (most videos are after 21 days of training!),  and that all our videos are of our CUSTOMER”S dogs, not our own personal dogs we have had endless hours to work with!

If you want to compete also, that’s great too!  Many of our students have gotten the bug and decided to compete, and all have done exceptionally well!  To date, no student has ever disqualified or failed to place.  As a matter of fact, most have won!  Many of our students have also moved on to other interests, like therapy dogs, agility, carting, dock diving, herding, etc.  Obedience training makes everything easier, and off leash training is required for many of these interests.

Nowhere is high level obedience more important than with the aggressive dog, and we have trained many of them!  Getting high level control over a dog that is reactive makes you more confident, your guests, neighbors and caregivers more comfortable, and makes your dog safer!  It is so important to have these dogs listen, but strangely enough, this is so often overlooked by trainers and veterinary behaviorists, who have little to no experience in high level obedience.  Don’t misunderstand, your veterinary behaviorist has an important role, but it takes TEAMWORK with you the owner, the veterinarian/behaviorist, and the trainer to treat some of the more difficult aggression cases.  We have hundreds of success stories under our belt, and almost 20 years experience in helping South Florida dog owners address these issues.