It’s a good thing puppies are so cute — they’re exhausting! It takes a lot of work to properly raise a puppy. That’s why we offer an exclusive training program for young puppies — the Super Puppy program! Your puppy comes to us straight from the breeder, before any bad habits kick in. For four weeks, he will live with us in our home as part of the family. We’ll deal with the housetraining, playbiting and other puppy issues while we teach him family manners, such as walking nicely on leash, coming when called, how to sit when being petted instead of jumping on people and much more. You’ll meet with us once each week to catch up on the lessons your puppy is learning.

Your Super Puppy …

  • Lives in a home, not a kennel.
  • Is trained by multiple trainers every day, not just one. Why is that important? Because if your dog is used to listening to several different people, not just one, then when he comes home, it’s easier to get him to listen to you.
  • Can attend our puppy kindergarten class to socialize with other puppies his age.
  • Will learn from the best in the business. We’ve been training puppies for more than 20 years, and specialize in housetraining puppies.

Another nice benefit is that your dog is in a loving home and is given the personal attention that the trainers give their own pets!
Bulldog mix puppy
Your Super Puppy Will Learn To …

  • Follow commands in a distracting setting
  • Come, sit, down and stay
  • Wait for permission to go through doors
  • Walk on leash on your left and sit when you stop, and to not pull on leash
  • Play with his toys and NOT chew inappropriate objects
  • Ring a bell to be let out for elimination and to NOT eliminate in the house
  • Stay off of the furniture
  • Sit for attention automatically and NOT jump
  • Bring toys for attention

Thinking about adding a puppy to your family? Plan ahead and call us today to find out how you can have a Super Puppy!